The Jailbreaker will be the first adventure game on total miner.

The player starts off in a cell, and takes control of prisoner Hudson.

The player gets out of the cell by breaking the dirt and goes down a tunnel, leading to another cell, which let's them out. Hudson wonders around the prison, to find a locked door.

On the wall, it is revealled Hudson was being kept prisoner by his former best friend (comedically stated as best 'mate') Yuri. Yuri went insane after he stared into a mysterious star.

Hudson is instructed to go to the counter, where another odd dirt block is found. Hudson proceeds down the the tunnel to reveal a large room filled with lava, stepping stones, and a ittle rock island containing a chest. Opening the chest revealls the first gem, and Hudson escapes.

Hudson proceeds to the Digby Diamonds shop, where he knew one day, Hudson would escape, and left the last diamond hidden for him. Many traps await, but Hudson prevails. He collects the second gem, and proceeds to a swamp.

It is pretty earie place. Hudson descovers strange items and horroficly, Spider Eggs. He is instructed to colect the diamond sword, in order to destroy the spider eggs.

He collects the next gem.

The last known thing so far is that he enters a lab and a castle. upon completeing them he battles 'yuri' and the 'beasts'.

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