Name- Nicholas John Holloway

AKA- Nic, Pete, Mark Mittens

Birth- July 9th 1999 Wakefield Age- 12

Hometown- Wakefield (formely, birth place) Helmshore (currently with Mother, step-father and two young sisters) and then shrek's swamp

First appearance- 1 man 1 blender

Status- KIA

Likes- Lewis, Ben, Animals, Pizza, having a good time and men

Dislikes- Animals being killed, Brussel sprouts, rude people, feeling ill

Nicholas is a main character and the desginer of The Foops Team. He seems to be confident and easy going as seen in the first episode of food time with foops. He played pool against Ben at his grandparent's pub with Lew spectating and Vice versa, on 16/02/12.He also joins in a three-way with lewis and ben.

He seems to be unaware of things, maybe he gets lost in his own little world. An example of this is in Minecraft in real life when Ben and Lewis are freaking out when a giant boulder falls from the sky and lands next to him, barley Missing him, and Nic replies 'what?' with a confused face even looking at it.


He is the youngest member of The Foops Team

He does not have asthma

He is the designer of many things in the making of Foops, one good example is Fortress craft.

He has brown hair and eyes, though you can see green in his eyes too so it's safe to asume he has hazel eyes

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