Name- Lewis Gallagher

AKA- Lew, Ferret, Frank Ferretson, Martin

Birth- 5th October 1998 fairfield Bury. Age- 13

Hometown- Haslingden (with mother) Bury (formely with father) Rochdale (formely with father) Heywood (formley with father) Radcliffe (with father).

First appearance- Cartoon Toast!

Status- Alive

Likes- Nicholas, Ben, having a laugh, being dirty, Pizza, Fried Chicken

Dislikes- Spiders, Homework, feeling ill

Lewis is the founder of the foops and the oldest member. He seems to freak out as show in minecraft in Real life. He first played pool on 16/02/12 at Nic's grandparent's pub with Ben and Nic.

He seems to act before thinking however and can sometimes lead to danger


He is the oldest of The Foops Team.

He is the founder of Foops

He owns an iPhone 4

He owns a 3DS

He has asthma

His eyes are hazel

His hair is 'dirty blonde'

His favourite colours are black and red

He owns a laptop

He has a wii, PS3 and Xbox too and says that the PlayStation and xbox are beter than Wii but thinks the PS3 and 360 tie

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