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Welcome to the Foops WikiEdit

Foops is a YouTube comedy show set up by 13 year old Lewis, 13 Year old Ben and 12 Year old Nicholas as well as starring them. This covers the real actors, fictional characters, videos and trivia.

The Foops Team And The Foops CreationEdit

The Foops Team consists of orginally 2 but now 3 members. Founded By Lewis Gallagher, Foops is a spoof like YouTube show. They were inspired by smosh, starrimg Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. When Lewis and Nicholas wanted to start a YouTube show it all began. It is called Foops because Foops is the word 'spoof' backwards.

The Foops Team was Formed and they were ready. The Foops Team are on Twitter, YouTube (their main site), This Wiki, and their own website,

On 16/02/12, Their good friend Ben was added to the team, as orginally intended. He has currently starred in three videos, Minecraft in real life, Food time with Foops episode 1 Greggs and Pool!, and Food time with Foops Pizza and drawings! It has been confirmed Ben will be in more videos on March 3rd 2012, along with Lewis and Nicholas respectivley. It is rumoured that Lew's rabbit Snowy will starr in a sub series.


Latest activityEdit

Nic, Lew and deadman (friend) have started to make a survival island and MIGHT make a siries tell us if u want one!

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