Name- Benjamin William Urmson- Addingadoo

AKA- Faggot

Birth- 8th February 1999 Age- 13

Hometown- wait, where do I live again?

First appearance- Minecraft in real life

Status- Alive

Likes- Nicholas, Lewis, Nintendo DSi, Facebook, Being a leader

Dislikes- Mushrooms, Immature people, Brussel sprouts (who does like 'em?)

Ben is the newest member of The Foops Team, appearing a total of 3 times as of Febraury. Not much is currently known about Ben, but we know he can be a little stupid at times, though he is very intelligent as he is in every top set for his classes (Food time with Foops - Gregg's, Grandparent's pub and Pool). He sometimes denies the obvious such as thinking Lewis' idea of a found home being a land mine.

He is dark brown hair green eyes, and is the only one to have a mole.

Ben has been confirmed to starr in more videos on March 3rd 2012.


He is older than Nic, but younger than Lewis, making him the inbetweener.

His favourite colour is also green

He owns an iPod touch 3rd generation

He has a white DSi

He is the newest member to The Foops Team.

He is the only one not to own an xbox, wii, or PS3.

He is the tallest.

He has the biggest family and lives with the most people in The Foops Team

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